Tests and Prices

We had the opportunity to take a series of tests in the Sendesaal Bremen. Grammy award winning sound engineer Renate Wolter recorded a Doublebass, a Harp, a Harpsichord, a Viola and a Viol da Gamba playing without and with the Resonanzio Sound Podiums. Therefore the musicians played the same piece of music twice, exactly on the same spot in the room. After comparing both versions Renate Wolter told us her impression: “The individual sound of the instruments become freer and more present." The statements of the musicians you can find under "References".

Don't take our words for it, and get your own live experiences with our sound podiums! There is the possibility of "rent a Sound Podium”. You can test the podiums and plates for a while to experience the effect they have on the acoustics in your concert venue.



A perfect project for sponsoring friends and institutions!

For sponsoring friends and institutions of orchestras, churches, festivals, or concert venues the purchase of the Resonanzio Sound Podiums is a helpful, concrete and audible possiblity for sound enhancement.


On request we will send you the current price list via email.




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