Many people ask what motivated me - a classical musician - to develop the Resonanzios. The idea of an effective sound podium with a well thought-out concept has been growing in me for years. One of the reasons is that double bass players such as myself have to deal with risers all the time. The sound of a bass is often received as indirect, boom-like or vague because low frequencies are more difficult to hear than high ones. Risers are used for musicians in the back rows of an orchestra in order to be better seen and heard. Musicians who play on those risers might have the impression of a more voluminous sound, but the effect is usually imperceptible to the audience. Normal podiums – built of simple, hard materials – create often a boom sound, contradicting the wish for more clarity.

As a musician who has played in the finest concert halls of the world, I became curious about why Japanese ones tend to have outstanding acoustics. I discovered that most concert halls in Japan are build from very fine wood. Eventually I had the idea to build a sound podium out of tonewood, wood with the best tone quality and a transparent and clear sound.

I was able to realize my wish for a superior sound podium with the help of wood expert and former guitar builder Bernhard Prößler. After countless acoustic tests and experiments with ever changing construction designs, the result was astonishing, surpassing my expectations in both professionalism and excellence. To name but a few characteristics of the final product, the bass tones sounded significantly fuller and clearer, resonating audibly and sensually. The sound is projected throughout the room, making me confident in calling Resonanzio the finest sound podium available.

With more tests using different instruments it quickly became apparent that the Resonanzio® concept works also for instruments without endpins, such as baroque cellos, gambas, and lutes. Also gaining in sound enhancement are wind- and high string instruments, as well as harpsichords and pianofortes when placed on our resonance plates.

Personally I appreciate most how comfortable it feels to play on a Resonanzio as my self-perception has improved dramatically, meaning, I can hear the sound I create so much better. Listeners enjoy the direct sonority of the sound. As we have received wonderful positive feedback -from other orchestral musicians, soloists, acoustic experts and music lovers in general- we feel dedicated to engage in further research.