Cello Podiums

The cello sound podium supports the singing character of the instrument and encourages clear and sonorous low frequencies. The sound of the cello section becomes more present without being louder or overbearing.

Playing on the frameless resonance plates (7 cm height), enables the cello-group to play in the string half-circle without sitting much higher than the other string sections. It is also a great opportunity for cellists in a string quartet. The trapezoid shape of the plates provides a space-saving solution for two musicians using one music stand.

The Resonanzio cello podium also works for baroque celli and gambas. The sound waves of these instruments trigger the resonance plate without touching it and produce a similar effect to that of modern cellos.

The cello and bass sections of the Freiburger Barockorchester, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Würzburg, the Kammerakademie Potsdam and the Kammerorchester Basel are playing on the Resonanzio sound-podiums.


Heights:  7 - 20 cm

Measurements of rectangle shape: 90 cm  x 140 cm



(Principal cello, Freiburger Barockorchester) 

»I enjoy very much playing on the Resonanzio soundpodium! My cello has a much more singing sound on the podium compared to playing just on the ground. The result is not necessarily louder but much clearer and focused. I am still amazed how the soundpodiums work for the baroque-celli without pins! The plate obviously starts resonanting triggered by the soundwaves from the instrument.

While playing I am able to hear myself better, and my orchestra likes the presents of the cello/bass group. The flexible shapes and sizes of the soundpodiums enable us to use them in orchestra string-halfcircle without sticking out in heights and without taking to much space.«