What is the difference between the Resonanzio podium for musicians from other podiums?
Normal risers are constructed for sitting or standing higher then ground level. Often the lower frequencies do sound boomier playing on ordanary podiums. The Resonanzio soundpodiums are professionally constructed to enhance the sound of the instruments and serve also the purpose of a riser.
Aren't the cellopodiums much to high for the usual orchestra setting? The Resonanzio plates are constructed to put them as well in a frame or simply on the ground. They have a height of about 6 cm, so a cello section in the circle with the other string sections would not sit significantly higher the the others.
How can I put the musicstand close enough to me when I play on a harp podium? Either the musicstand stands on the podium, or you can put it close to instrument with the feet of the stand being underneath the harp soundpodium on the left side in the soundhole.
Will the sound on bass podiums not be to loud or boomy? The bass sound becomes more clearer more articulate when you play on a Resonanzio. The variaty in sound and volume becomes bigger.
How does the Soundpodium work with pinless baroque celli or gambas? Its a very good question! We first were sure that the direkt ground contact of an instrument is inevitable for a good result of the Klangpodium. After a lot of testing we found out that the sound of pinless instruments also improves by playing on the Resonanzios. Therefore we could conclude: the virbrating resonance plates enhance the accoustic of any room.
Do the Resonanzios also work for orchestra risers? Yes they do. The frame height can be different, so that the orchestra can sit on different levels. The 7 cm version works for the cello group for example, because the low height of the podiums doesn't interfere with the height of the other string sections.
Are the Resonanzio sound podiums also suitable as choral or choir risers? Yes, they are perfectly suitable for this matter! The Resonanzio soundpodiums substitute a swingfloor, but they also constructed as risers in different heights. They do enhance the choirsound significantly.
Are the soundpodiums easily portable? The resonanceplate is one piece. The frame has quick releases on each corner, so the 4 sidepieces are individually portable. For orchestras there boxes available, in which the podiums can be carried very efficiently.
Does Resonanzio also build conductor podiums? Yes! How should it look like?